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Time method reference

These methods allow for the getting of time and the formatting of time expressions.

{now} - Returns current UTC time in RFC 1123 format.
{now:FORMAT} - Returns current UTC time in the specified format. See Formatting for the available patterns.

JagTag: The time is {now} and the current date is {now:D.MM.YYYY}
Command: ++tag example
Result: The time is {{currenttime}} and the current date is {{currentdate}}

{time:EPOCH_MILLISECONDS|FORMAT} - Parses a expression to the provided format. If no format is supplied, the RFC 1123 format is used. See Formatting for the available patterns.

JagTag: {{now}} formatted to RFC 1123 is {time:{{now}}}
Command: ++tag example
Result: {{now}} formatted to RFC 1123 is {{nowrfc}}


JagTag-JS utilises Moment.js for time parsing. Here is a list of available tokens.

Year, month and day

Input Example Description
YYYY 2014 Two- or four-digit year.
YY 14 Two-digit year.
Y -25 Year with any number of digits and sign.
Q 1 to 4 Quarter of year. Sets month to first month in quarter.
M MM 1 to 12 Month number.
MMM MMMM Jan to December Month name in locale.
D DD 1 to 31 Day of month.
Do 1st to 31st Day of month with ordinal.
DDD DDDD 1 to 365 Day of year.
X 1410715640.579 Unix timestamp.
x 1410715640579 Unix millisecond timestamp.

Week year, week and weekday

Input Example Description
gggg 2014 Locale four-digit week year.
gg 14 Locale two-digit week year.
w ww 1 to 53 Locale week of year.
e 0 to 6 Locale day of week.
ddd dddd Mon to Sunday Day name in locale.
GGGG 2014 ISO four-digit week year.
GG 14 ISO two-digit week year.
W WW 1 to 53 ISO week of year.
E 1 to 7 ISO day of week.

Hour, minute, second, millisecond and time offset

Input Example Description
H HH 0 to 23 Hours (24 hour time).
h hh 1 to 12 Hours (12 hour time used with a A).
k kk 1 to 24 Hours (24 hour time from 1 to 24).
a A am pm Post or ante meridiem (Note that the single "a" and "p" characters are also considered valid).
m mm 0 to 59 Minutes.
s ss 0 to 59 Seconds.
S SS SSS 0 to 999 Fractional seconds.
Z ZZ +12:00 Offset from UTC as +-HH:mm, +-HHmm or Z.